Kung Fu Lee - DVD

Kung Fu LeeRichard McKeown 
Photographer: Mica D'Orleans

Written, produced & performed
by Rich McKeown.


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A young martial arts master comes to town & finds the girl of his dreams, Karate Jane. All is well until "the Fat man", the town bully, comes in to start trouble. Kung Fu Lee, is a cool kid who can kick a rhyme or kick some butt, but only when totally necessary…

Kung Fu Lee uses a terrific blend of music and image to tell the story of a young boy challenged by a bully.  It has a bright, upbeat soundtrack that is very appealing to children, and the story is told in a catchy Hip Hop style.  This is music that stays with you! Parents will be humming the tune long after the DVD ends, and won’t mind at all if their children want to watch this over and over.  The characters are adorable and beautifully illustrated; they match the story perfectly.

The DVD features two versions of Kung Fu Lee,. The first version is directed by Rich McKeown with captions, helps teach kids how to read.  The 2nd version, directed By Manavauskar Kublall is an animated version for the little ones to just sit & enjoy. 

This is a great feature - encouraging emerging readers to make the connection between spoken and written words.  Writer and producer Richard McKeown demonstrates a real understanding and respect for young children in Kung Fu Lee:  it is funny without being silly, happy without being cutesy and teaches without preaching.  This will make a great addition to any family’s collection of DVD for kids.

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Sample Shots

One Day I Walked He Had Bad Breath
"One Day I Walked Into This Town." "He Had Bad Breath and He Had A Big Butt!"
Hello Nominated
"Hello My Name Is Kung Fu Lee!" Nominated Best Music Video 2005 (H20) Hip Hop Odyssey International Film Fest.

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