Pelo de gusano - DVD

Pelo de Gusano Angel Pineda

Narrated by Angel Pineda


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Jessie está entusiasmada porque va a comenzar el segundo grado – y va a ver a su nueva maestra y a sus viejas amigas Terry y Ann! Este año tienen una compañera nueva, Nia, en su clase. Ella y Jessie se hacen amigas enseguida, pero Nia tiene algo diferente y eso a Terry y Ann no les gusta. ¿Cómo puede Jessie mantener la amistad con sus viejas amigas y tener una nueva?

Pelo de gusano is the Spanish translation of the award winning English DVD, Wormhead. Classically trained Mexican actor and writer Angel Pineda narrates this time. His beautiful voice and "perfect Spanish" can be heard on many children's audio books, as well as Pope John Paul II’s Cruzan do el umbra de la sporrans (Crossing the Threshold of Hope). This New York resident specializes in narration, voiceovers, and recordings for Spanish learners. Angel once ran CBS Books language taping for language labs, and worked as a speaker, producer and director, as well as training young actors like Elizabeth Pena in voice recording in Spanish.

Wormhead recently garnered the 2007 NAPPA Honors Award and won "Best Animation" at the 2007 Texas Black Film Festival. This DVD has also been featured at the 2006 Cannes Shorts Corner as well as fourteen other official film festival screenings. Clients include the United Federation of Teachers in New York, as well as the UFT Teacher Center arm, the largest local union in the United States.

As a bonus, the DVD includes two versions of the story; one with and one without subtitles.

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Sample Shots

Jesse Confronts Terry and Anne Everyone touches Nias hair
"Jesse Confronts Terry and Anne" "Everyone touches Nia's hair"
Jesse talks with dad Jesse's Classroom
"Jesse talks with dad" "Jesse's Classroom"

DVD Preview