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Wormhead - DVD Synopsis

Wormhead Zoelle Montgomery

Narrated by Zoelle Montgomery

   Dove Seal Award

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Jesse is excited about entering the second grade – she
has both a new teacher her old friends Terry and Anne! This year, there is a new girl in class, Nia, and she and Jesse make friends right away. But there is something different about Nia, and Terry and Anne don’t like it. How
can Jesse keep her old friends and her new one?

Wormhead is a wonderful, gentle story about accepting people as they are. Fear, suspicion and dislike are transformed by the simple act of talking, a reminder that is as important for adults as it is for children. Stella Mckeown's tender images work flawlessly & Rich McKeown’s music blends perfectly to enrich this DVD. The soothing cadence of Zoelle Montgomery's voice truly brings Wormhead to life. This project was beyond doubt a family affair! Carolyn McKeown, the author was Rich McKeown’s wife, Stella McKeown the artist his mother & Zoelle Montgomery, the narrator, his aunt.

I dedicate this particular blog post to the late Carolyn McKeown who wrote the short story, and to my daughter, Christina, who learned about courage just from watching this delightful dvd. Christina writes, "Wormhead is about a girl who has locks like a worm. Kids should read this because it will teach them not to make fun of anyone. I liked it because it teaches a lot. And at the end they don’t make fun of Nia anymore because her other friend sticks up for her."
- School Library Journal, Amy Bowllan, Bowllan's Blog

The late author Carolyn McKeown, has a delightful style, and demonstrates a respect for the rhythm of children in this story. Rich McKeown has dedicated this piece to her memory. Carolyn succumbed to breast cancer in January, 2003.

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Sample Shots

Four Friend Jesse With Parents
The four friends walk home. Jessie with her parents
Jesse's Classroom Jesse Confronts Terrie & Anne
Jessie's new classroom Jessie confronts Terry and Anne


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